The General Exhibition  –  Safed Artists Museum
The General Exhibition holds a permanent show presenting the best works of Safed artists  –  painters and sculptors. The General Exhibition resides at the heart of the Old City of Safed. Across the General Exhibition there is the Artists Alley, where artists are creating in their workshops and exhibiting their art works.
The Artists Colony
Safed's enchanted atmosphere, it's fascinating history and the Jewish Mysticism vibrations engulfing the surrounding landscapes  –  presents a source of inspiration for artistic creation of all kinds  –  from immemorial times. Renown artists like Mark Schagal, Kukushka and the director Ugin Unesku acknowledged the spiritual potential of Safed.

When Israel became an independent state, on 1949, an Artists Colony was established in the Old City of Safed. The need to establish a focal point - an artists meeting place  –  combined with the search after local contents which will serve as a source of inspiration to the art and culture of Israel on the make in the infant state - all these brought to Safed many artists, the forefathers of the Israeli art - artists like Moshe Kastel, Isack Frenkel, Menahen Shemy, Mordehay Levanon, Ziona Tagar and Shimshon Holtzman.

As the core of Israeli art forefathers gathered in Safed, artists who survived the holocaust came along, have found their new homeland here, as well as their homes and livelihood. Together they established an Artists Cooperative - the first in it's kind in Israel. They used an ancient building in the heart of the Old City of Safed to serve as a permanent exhibition hall for their art works.

This General Exhibition, operating as a permanent show for the last 50 years, is in the process of becoming a Museum of Safed Artists.

At present there are about 55 artists, painters and sculptors, members of the Artists Colony - including new immigrants from what used to to be the Soviet Union. The building next to the the General Exhibition was renovated and it contains art workshops and galleries where art works are being displayed and offered for sale.

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